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Richard Bradley (Herkybird) has written a number of rulesets for a range of periods:

Herkybird's Rules

All Richard rules can now be found here: Herkybird's Rules


Seven Years War – these were originally a Web set from Belgium, but we kept changing and adding/subtracting things till there was nothing left of the original set!!!!

Ancients – These were made from the 7 years war set on Ian’s request, but with loads of changes to charts etc to make them compatible with the period.

Stargate – This is a skirmish set based on my own ideas, to reproduce combat for the Stargate SG-1 universe to use with some nice figures GZG were selling.

WW2 Skirmish – This was developed from the Stargate system. Its grown since then as the club expanded the game requirements for Tank combat etc.

Samurai Skirmish – A set I dreamed up one night to allow skirmishing with 28mm figs I got from Perry and Museum miniatures.

WW2 Coastal forces – a set very loosely based on a game I played at school.

Sci-Fi Skirmish – a set based loosely on Stargrunt (GZG games).

French and Indian Wars skirmish

Pike and Shot skirmish - These were all based on a single idea to try and do a solo skirmish game combining Morale with Movement and Casualties in one chart

WW2 large scale – I don’t like these much. I tried to replace Rapid Fire – but Its too busy a period to get both right and fun.

Medieval skirmish – A set owing something to the ideas expounded in the Retinue rules.


"My main philosophy is to write rules that are as simple and easy to play as possible, while remaining correct-ish in results. I think they should try to be fun too!"

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