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Great Captain Rules

Developed by Pete Foggin and Craig Parker of Tyneside Wargames Club

Great Captain Cover

Most wargamers have read of history's "Great Captains" such as Alexander, Hannibal and Caesar and have wished to emulate them on the wargames table.

Well now you can.test your skills of generalship to the utmost with Great Captain - the Art of War in Miniature. But why another set of rules on early warfare? Because what we wanted from a gaming system - realistic battle simulations that are fun to play - we were just not getting from those currently available.

What we ask is that you try to play games in the spirit in which they were fought. Do try to use historical deployments and tactics with Great Captain. If you do, you will immediately see why our ancestors - always pragmatic people - adopted the battlefield formations and tactical systems they practiced.

It only remains to say read on, play well, cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

Byzantine Pike 15mm Byzantine Pike 15mm Fort