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British Grenadier

The American Revolution/American War of Independence is played in both 15mm and 28mm skirmish. Although there are club rules based on our own Seven Years War rules we have currently been trying out British Grenadier by 'Eclaireur'. Based on the General de Brigade Napoleonic rules with elements drawn in from Andy Callan's Loose Files and American Scramble (originally in Wargames Illustrated No. 1 and now available here) they provide a game that reflects the difficulties of bringing regular troops to contact in the rough terrain of the Colonies

You can find lots of information on the rules, some excellent battle reports, and general discussion on the AWI in the British Grenadier section of the General de Brigade forums here and a fine example of British Grenadier 28mm loveliness on Giles Allison's Tarleton's Quarter


British Grenadier on the club blog

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