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These are links to various sites, suppliers, clubs and resources we think you should know about

Other Local Clubs

Durham Wargames Group

Border Reiver Wargames

Middlesbrough Wargames Club

South Shields Shot and Shell Wargames and Roleplaying Club

Contemptible Little Wargames Club - North Shields [Added 29th June 2010]

Westerhope Wargames Club [Added 14th Auguest 2010]

Local Suppliers

Gateshead Gaming

Under the Bed Enterprises

Simply 6 Wargames Scenery - 6mm scenery

Other Suppliers

Outpost Wargames Services

Forums and Other Wargaming Resources

WD3 Forums - the best forums on the Internet!

The Miniatures Page - a global community and great source of information