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Downloads - all PDF unless noted otherwise

NEW! Sails of Glory Solo Rules - Richard Bradley [UPDATED 30/03/2015]

Unrated Solo Rules

Frigate Solo Rules

74 Gun Ship Solo Rules

100+ Gun Ship Solo Rules

Sails Of Glory Template

Beneath the Lily Banners - Richard Bradley [21/07/2014]

BTLB2 Points System

Early 19th Century Skirmish Rules- Richard Bradley [21/12/2013]

Early 19th Century Skirmish Rules

Early 19th Century Skirmish Rules Quick Reference Sheet

Law of the Gun - Wild West Rules- Richard Bradley [11/05/2013]

Law of the Gun Rules [Updated 21/07/2013]

Law of the Gun Quick Reference Sheet

X-Wing Solo Rules - Richard Bradley [22/03/2013]

X-Wing Solo Rules Page

Stargate Solo Rules - Richard Bradley [21/12/2013]

Stargate Solo Rules

State of War - ACW Skirmish Rules- Richard Bradley [updated 03/08/2014]

State of War Rules

State of War Quick Reference Sheet

Coastal Warfare Rules - Richard Bradley [30/10/2011]

WW2 Coastal Warfare Rules [UPDATED 15/04/2012]

Coastal Warfare Quick Reference Sheet [UPDATED 15/04/2012]

Coastal Warfare Destroyer Supplement

Ruler and Torpedo Markers

Ship Design Playsheet

Medieval Skirmish Rules: Sword and Dagger by Richard Bradley

Sword and Dagger Rules [Updated 11/02/2016]

Sword and Dagger QRS

Medieval Skirmish Army Lists [Added 11/02/2016]

Ancient To Renaissance Solo System [Updated 20/12/2015]

Wings of War Solo Rules - Richard Bradley - [Updated 01/11/2010]


WW2 Skirmish Rules - Richard Bradley

WW2 Skirmish Rules Version 3 [UPDATED 17/04/2016]

WW2 Skirmish Rules QRS [UPDATED 17/04/2016]

Colonial Skirmish Rules - Richard Bradley

Colonial Skirmish Rules [25/10/2016]

Colonial Skirmish Rules QRS [UPDATED 25/10/2016]

Colonial Cavalry Supplement [UPLOADED 09/01/2011]

Colonial Native Force Generator [UPDATED 23/01/2011]

Safari African Animal Charts [UPDATED 02/08/2015]

French and Indian Wars Skirmish Rules - Richard Bradley

French and Indian Wars Skirmish Rules [UPDATED 25/10/2016]

French and Indian War QRS [UPDATED 25/10/2016]

Formed Infantry Supplement [UPDATED 21/12/2013]

Cavalry Supplement [UPDATED 03/11/2009]

Artillery Supplement

Pike and Shotte Skirmish Rules - Richard Bradley

Pike and Shotte Skirmish Rules [UPDATED 21/12/2013]

Pike and Shotte QRS [UPDATED 21/12/2013]

Pike and Shotte Formed Infantry Supplement [UPDATED 21/12/2013]

Seven Years War Rules - Richard Bradley

Seven Years War Main Rules [UPDATED 05/02/2010]

Seven Years War Quick Reference Sheet

Seven Years War Rules Order Markers

Seven Years War Rules Generals Markers

Samurai Skirmish Rules - Richard Bradley

Samurai Skirmish Rules [UPDATED 20/12/2015]

Samurai Skirmish Rules QRS [UPDATED 20/12/2015]

Samurai Skirmish Rules - Korean Supplement [UPDATED 20/12/2015]

General Markers etc.

WOUND MARKERS.pdf for all skirmish rules


71st Higlanders 15mm Delancey's Brigade 15mm